Transforming Teams20220409091817

Transforming Teams

Pushkar SaneApril 9, 2022
When the first wave of Covid-19 hit Hong Kong in early 2020 none of us knew how far this pandemic would spread and how long it would take us to come out of it. It has been ove...
Reimagining Customer Journey20220408065903

Reimagining Customer Journey

Pushkar SaneApril 8, 2022
Most customer focused organizations are keen to plot the Customer Journey Map so that they can efficiently deploy their content and media resources across different platforms....
Future of TV20130615074901

Future of TV

Pushkar SaneJune 15, 2013
Television has ruled the advertising and marketing world for decades. Emotions run high every time people talk about Future of TV. Digital Natives believe that the TV is dead ...
Small Data Big Data20130531053621

Small Data Big Data

Pushkar SaneMay 31, 2013
Big data is big in almost every possible sphere of business and marketing. Conferences are loaded with sessions on big data. Online and print journals are filling up pages adv...
The Art of Asking20130530135202

The Art of Asking

Pushkar SaneMay 30, 2013
Great speech by Amanda Palmer. Brands can learn so many things from it....