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About Us

Find out more about our team and the experience they bring and the history of success helping global brands.

About Convergination

People today are living in a complex, fluid, digitized and hyper-active world. Exponential growth of behavioural and attitudinal data has created more confusion and increased complexity of business decision making. Building brands is tough and fragmentation within the marketing ecosystem has made it tougher for brand marketers to achieve their full potential. We believe that the change is constant and to stay ahead of the game, brands need real-time Intelligence, reliable Strategy, and robust Technology. CONVERGINATION exists because Brands need agile partners who can help them navigate through this chaos.
Intelligence is the starting point of most business decision making and Data Science plays a very important role. We focus on uncovering human aspirations, expectations, perceptions, intent, and experiences to turn them into meaningful Insights. We evaluate performance through advanced analytics and develop models for benchmarking and predictive analysis.
Strategy is the that is not actionable is meaningless. We help clients develop Future Proof Strategy covering Customer Journey, Customer Experience Design, Content, Media, and Measurement. We measure impact of strategy through engagement, receptivity, and virality.
Technology is at the heart of everything we do. We believe no one platform or technology can solve all problems and marketers need to work with different platforms to deliver world class customer experience. We enable our clients to leverage best-in-class marketing technology and build connectors that can help in business decision making.
Imagination is a function of human energy and people are at the core of what we do. We are passionate about understanding human behaviour and application of data science in marketing. We believe in work and life are both important and our people strive to work hard and play harder. Our team brings cross functional experience across Data Science, Digital, Marketing, Product Management, Research, Technology, Advertising, Media, Entertainment, and Customer Experience. We are multi-cultural, multi-lingual, and multi-dimensional. It helps us in appreciating cultural, geographical, and linguistic nuances while helping our clients around the world.
We are guided by Data in our work and it takes precedence over opinions. Our iterative process ensures constant evolution to stay relevant in the ever-changing digital environment. We believe in being agnostic and collaborate with wide variety of industry partners. We believe in moving fast and our speed of embracing new ideas and platforms helps in keeping our clients ahead of the digital curve. Our Plug N Play approach ensures that our services and solutions fit seamlessly into existing organizational structures.

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