Helping brands connect with customers effectively

InsightsFocus on uncovering human aspirations, expectations and experiences to turn them into meaningful Insights.
StrategyLeverage insights to develop strategies to build meaningful customer connections & enhance customer experience.
AnalyticsEvaluate performance through advanced analytics and develop models for benchmarking and predictive analysis.
TechnologyDrive integration between different technologies and diverse data sets to deliver a seamless customer experience.

How we work

Data DrivenWe are guided by Data in our work and it takes precedence over opinions.
IterativeOur iterative process ensures constant evolution to suit the ever changing digital environement.
AgnosticWe work with a wide variety of industry partners because we are platform, tool and agency agnostic.
AgileOur ability to move fast helps our clients stay ahead of the digital curve.
Plug & PlayOur Plug N Play approach ensures that our services fit seamlessly into existing organizational structures.

Master your Social & Digital efforts

Digital & Social media marketing and listening is hard work, but at Convergination we have a well oiled team which can help your brand and team save time and focus on the true value of social: creating real connection with your audience.

Our team will help you with the analytics and data management to improve your strategy and client engagement.

Helping brands across the globe

We’ve helped global brands and organizations across different categories (automotive, aviation, consumer electronics, ecommerce, food & beverage, mobility, and technology) and geographies (Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and the Americas).