You deserve the best

You deserve the best

Digital will never get its rightful importance (time and money) unless the Marketers themselves understand it better and master it. Find out more about the digital consulting services we offer.

Solving problems & tapping opportunities

The digitized world is complex and changing at the speed of light. Most marketers are yet to leverage full potential of digital and it is treated as a silo. Additionally half-baked experts are causing more confusion in the market and benefitting from the confusion arbitrage. Marketers need agile partners who can help them navigate through this chaos and guide them in making correct decisions on content, media, platforms, measurement and analytics without having any selfish interest in mind. Our Consulting practice focuses Strategy, Analytics and Ideation.

We believe in both building knowledge & sharing knowledge. We strive to gain knowledge through research, thinking, collaboration and learning. We share knowledge through opinion pieces, papers, cases and workshops. Digital will never get its rightful importance (time and money) unless the Marketers themselves understand it better and master it. Therefore we think sharing knowledge with fellow professionals is key to faster adoption of digital in marketing and business. Our focus is to help organizations build internal capabilities so that they can extract maximum value from their digital initiatives.



Focus on uncovering human aspirations, expectations, perceptions and experiences to turn them into meaningful Insights.


Evaluate performance through advanced analytics and develop models for benchmarking and predictive analysis.

Content Evaluation

Evaluation of Content Effectiveness through pre-testing, receptivity, and virality.

Customer Journey Mapping

Understanding triggers and barrier of customer journey across digital and social platforms.


Develop strategic roadmaps for connecting with consumers and creating competitive advantage.
Marketing simulation to help brand marketers understand how consumer perceptions are shaped online and how brands can get in or get out of consumer preference.


Dashboards, APIs, & Apps
Dashboard development using various data sources, API integration to include custom data, and application development.
MarTech Audit & Roadmap
Audit of MarTech deployment and adoption across brands and markets. Develop Roadmap to maximize usage of MarTech for better business results.