Justin Bieber invests in audience


Justin Bieber, heart throb of millions and social media celebrity, has invested $ 1.1m in a photo sharing social network for teenagers. The network, called ‘Shots of Me’, will make it’s debut on the Apple store later this week.

Bieber, who owes his career to social media, might have started a trend here. Bieber is a rage amongst teenagers and has a staggering 46.5 million fans on Twitter, surpassed only by Katy Perry. Notorious for their short attention span, teenagers have been moving away from aging social networks like Twitter and Facebook. With this investment, Bieber has ensured that he will be present on the ‘next big network’ targeted towards teens and in doing so might have started a new trend of celebrities investing in audience companies.

Details about ‘Shots of Me’ are unclear right now but one thing is for certain, backed by Bieber’s star power, the network is sure to launch with a bang. And Bieber’s 46.5 million fans will lead the way.

Aditi Raisurana

Aditi is a Consultant with Convergination. She has experience across Branding, Digital, Social and Corporate Communications. Previously she worked for TATA Power (India's largest power company) and Executive Access. Aditi holds a Post Graduate degree in Communications Management and degree in English Literature from India. A self-confessed foodie, her other interests include reading, travelling, cooking, blogging, photography and music.

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