Helpouts by Hangouts


Need to consult a doctor? Or learn how to fix your laptop? Or need to figure out how to unblock the drain? All you need is Google Helpouts – paid video chats to get expert opinions!

Google’s new service uses the already popular Hangouts technology for bringing service providers to the marketplace. Diversity of services is key to Helpouts’ success and it will be interesting to see how quickly Google gets service providers on board. The important question is, who are these experts, self proclaimed or otherwise, and how will they be identified, verified and certified?

Google Helpouts may prove to be extremely successful for a whole host of services but when it comes to mission critical things like healthcare, one has to be very careful about who to take advice from.

Aditi Raisurana

Aditi is a Consultant with Convergination. She has experience across Branding, Digital, Social and Corporate Communications. Previously she worked for TATA Power (India's largest power company) and Executive Access. Aditi holds a Post Graduate degree in Communications Management and degree in English Literature from India. A self-confessed foodie, her other interests include reading, travelling, cooking, blogging, photography and music.

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