Blue Label’s luxury appeal

Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s, The Gentleman’s Wager ad is awash with the opulence and luxury associated with the brand. The two gentlemen, Jude Law and Giancarlo Giannini, look like they were to the manor born and I know hundreds who would want to trade places with them. With more than 800 thousand views in 2 days, one wonders if it’s the star power pulling the views in or the premise.

One thing is for certain, with lingering shots over the bottle and whiskey tumblers, Blue Label’s association with the finer things in life is stronger than ever.



Aditi Raisurana

Aditi is a Consultant with Convergination. She has experience across Branding, Digital, Social and Corporate Communications. Previously she worked for TATA Power (India's largest power company) and Executive Access. Aditi holds a Post Graduate degree in Communications Management and degree in English Literature from India. A self-confessed foodie, her other interests include reading, travelling, cooking, blogging, photography and music.

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